The Sessions

Session 1: God’s Story, My Story (this session invites participants to explore the “Big Story of God” and where we’re found within it, including some basic theological topics which will invite and encourage questions and further exploration as a community) Curriculum

Session 2: Worshipping Together: Word and Sacrament (this session includes a focus on the Centrality of the Word within our worshipping communities and life, as well as exploring the meaning of the Sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper) Curriculum

Session 3: We Believe: Confessions of the Church and History of the PCANZ (this session includes an exploration of the beliefs we hold in common and the faith which we profess by taking a look at our church confessions, the meaning behind our PCANZ logo) Curriculum

Session 4: This, I Believe: Statements of Faith (this session aims to encourage and equip participants in developing a living document of who God is to them – the idea of a ‘statement of faith’ is initially introduced at the retreat and then expanded upon within the sessions)

Session 5:  Walking with God: Christian Living (this session focuses on the “habits” of a disciple…exploring prayer, scripture/devotional life, social justice/service, and the idea of vocation/calling)

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